Who was Ferdinand Monoyer? And 11 things you didn’t know about your eyes

The method for testing how well we are able to see without the help of glasses hasn't changed a great deal in over a century. It follows a basic principle: read from rows of gradually shrinking letters until you're unable to distinguish the shapes any more. From this, opthalmologists can determine people's clarity of vision. The... Continue Reading →


Apple iPhone 8 could come with MacBook Pro-like Touchbar called function area: Report

Apple’s 10th-anniversary iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as per leaks and rumours, is now expected to come with a MacBook Pro-like Touchbar called function area. The function area will take the space where the lower bezels of earlier iPhones were placed. Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8, rumoured to be called iPhone X, is now expected... Continue Reading →

A good heart & a good nature R 2 different issues, A good heart can win many relationships, But a good nature can win many hearts.

50 Amazing Google Facts and Figures

The original nickname was BackRub due to the backlink technology used to determine site importance but eventually changed the name to Google originating from the misspelling of the word “Googol (the mathematician’s term for the number one followed by one hundred zeros) to signify the large quantities of information for people that it would provide. Google began... Continue Reading →

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